Game Programmer

Job Profile

You are responsible for developing games, simulations and game related tools. Work will be primarily project based in which you take responsibility for the technical implementation of a project or a part of a project. Projects are highly diverse and feature different target devices, operating systems and occasionally special hardware ( e.g. VR Headsets, simulation platforms and controllers). We are looking for a self-critical and motivated person who works under minimal direction, must have good communication, organizational and time management skills and likes to work in a team. Preferably Dutch speaking.



  • Strong communication skills (Dutch and English).
  • Creative, motivated and eager to learn.
  • Passionate about your study/work.
  • Self-motivated and proactive.
  • Experience with working in teams and the general project pipeline.


Programming specific:

  • Skilled in at least C++ or C#, other languages are a plus.
  • Excellent OOP knowledge.
  • Familiar with 3D Graphics and Graphics programming.
  • Skilled at rapid prototyping.
  • Experienced with Game Engines and Editors, like Unity and Unreal.
  • Strong commitment to stability, performance and player gameplay experience.
  • Thrives on learning new technologies.
  • Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills.


  • Experience with Augmented/Virtual Reality and experimental hardware is a plus.
  • Experience with Back-end development is a plus.
  • Experience with modular software architecture is a plus.
  • Experience with Networking and Web is a plus.
  • Experience with subversioning tools is a plus.

What do we offer you?

We offer a challenging full-time job (40 hours) with a competitive salary within an excellent team of professional game developers. You will work with our team members on various projects. We have an attractive and friendly working environment which is situated in the Dutch Game Garden Breda. You will work for large clients and for several academies of NHTV, makinguse of the newest tools.


Send your resume and motivation letter to us. Also for questions, feel free to contact us: