We improve sustainability, health, liveability, accessibility and joy.

About us

The Urban Future provides virtual reality, augmented reality, analytics and gamification solutions for smart cities and building. With our solutions we improve mobility, liveability, safety and sustainability of urban environments. We have expertise in traffic and transport as well as the best education in applied digital entertainment and gaming. We work in partnership with the worlds most forward thinking strategists and companies in both the enabling technology as well as in Spatial Planning and Traffic & Transport. Over 100 customers worldwide are using The Urban Futures solutions already to provide them visual insights, to support decisions and boost their cities.

We are a young company, “a new kid on the block“, so to say having ambitious and innovative ideas, maybe even al little priggishly. Based on knowledge and new technologies we help society with our applications and information services, build better, smarter cities, that are accessible, safe, enjoyable to live in and sustainable. On the other hand a good listener to people, companies and cities having specific challenges that need to be solved. That’s when we help out with custom, project based solutions based on the same values, knowledge and technologies.

It is our aim to become a leading company, an authority, that customers will call to get help. To get working solutions to their questions and challenges, build on knowledge, build on new technology, build in cooperation with our customers, in time and within the agreed budget. The Urban Future stands for innovative working solutions for customers that are heard and feel understood!

Want to get to know us better? Give us a call at +31 6 309 55 339 or mail a info@theurbanfuture.com