Game Producer / Designer

Job Profile

As concept & game designer you will work closely with clients from all branches of industry. Together with them you will figure out what exactly it is they want and how you can best deliver this in a game format. You will be responsible for creating attractive well thought through Game design documents that will help the client moving forward. Furthermore you manage the development of the project: setting up the planning and making sure the game is delivered within budget and according to the characteristics and quality agreed on with the client.


• Strong communication skills (Dutch and English)
• Creative, motivated and eager to learn
• Passionate about your work


Game design and production specific:
• Thinking up game ideas to solve a client’s specific problem
• Writing and documenting the ideas in different formats, for example a concept document (1-2 pages), full game design document describing in detail all the actions and possibilities of your game idea (15+ pages)
• Creating mock-ups and functional design to aid in visualizing your game idea and how this will work
• Creating flow diagrams to explain the UX of the game
• Making a presentation of your designMaking the planning and monitoring it during the production stage
• Testing the game with clients
• Quality assurance , throughout the project to ensure the game stays true to the GDD

What do we offer you?

We offer a challenging full-time job (40 hours) with a competitive salary within an excellent team of professional game developers. You will work with our team members on various projects. We have an attractive and friendly working environment which is situated in the Dutch Game Garden Breda. You will work for large clients and for several academies of NHTV, making use of the newest tools.


Send your resume and motivation letter to us. Also for questions, feel free to contact us: