Mobidot is a partner of the Urban Future for a long time, producing the best data-collection solution available on the market to detect movements and trips of people using their smartphones. This application is being used by The Urban Future and The Urban Future is a reseller of Mobidot Solutions.

Keypoint is a very well respected Traffic, Transport and Mobility consultancy company in the Netherlands and one of the first to embrace our CyclePRINT solutions, to support and underpin their studies and reports. Keypoint contributes to our cyclePRINT roadmap as a strategic ambassador.

Provincie Limburg has been one of the first region governments to understand the value of CyclePRINT and support the development of our application. CyclePRINT is already in use in Limburg for several years.

Province of Brabant is supporting our company with a lot of interesting and innovative ideas, project questions, driving our solutions roadmaps to new state of the art frontiers of functionality. Brabant has been a loyal customer of our CyclePRINT and CycleSPEX applications.

City of Amsterdam is world famous for its large cycling community the city is continuously looking for applications to help them understand how to manage and improve the cycling experience in the city. They are using CyclePRINT and also a valued strategic ambassador driving our development roadmap.

Bike citizens, this Austrian company is our first codeveloping international partner. Together with Bike Citizens, who are using and reselling CyclePRINT under the name of Bike Citizens analytics, we develop, manage and support the application.

Cyberith: Our international Austrian partner, of whom we use and resell the Virtualizer pedestrian simulator. With the Virtualizer we are entering the domain of Pedestrian Spatial Experience.

The Urban Future closely cooperates with Move Mobility, to connect our CyclePRINT application for operational and tactical analysis to their widely adopted Move-meter application for tactical and strategic multi-modal traffic/transport analysis. Move-Mobility resells our cyclePRINT

The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a public private network for sustainable bicycle inclusive mobility. We represent the best of Dutch Cycling: knowledge, experience and experts offered by private companies, NGO’s, research institutions, national and local governments

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