Recently Dynniq implemented the virtual cycling experience CycleSPEX, developed by The Urban Future. Within the VR environment people cycle through a street with smart traffic light and experience how the CrossCycle app of Dynniq works.

The CrossCycle app identifies cyclists sooner when they approach an intersection and gives them the green light more quickly. In addition to extending the green light for individual cyclists, the app also makes it possible to give priority to groups of cyclists. The app promotes the use of bicycles by making cycling fun again!

With the CycleSPEX virtual reality cycling experience Dynniq can demonstrate the solution and explain the concept on a remote location (e.g. exhibition). Using virtual reality, people can really experience what it means if the CrossCycle app identifies you and gives you a green light and so a better flow.

With the VR bike we can convince potential clients of our concept by simply having them experience it!

Martin de Vries. Product Manager CrossCycle (Dynniq)

About Dynniq

Dynniq is dynamic, high-tech and innovative company offering integrated mobility and energy solutions and services internationally. Their 1800 employees design, develop, engineer, integrate and maintain technology solutions that enhance the flow of everyday life.

Their mission is to enable people and goods to reach their destinations efficiently, sustainably and safely through advanced technology solutions. Dynniq has a comprehensive knowledge of managing mobility, parking and energy using systems engineering approach. Their solutions enable the efficient connection of mobility and energy flows that create a vital and strong infrastructure.

Their experienced and knowledgeable staff work closely together with our clients in Europe, South America, the United States and Canada. In doing so, they engage with clients in a reliable, open and pro-active way; ‘we take a seat in your world.’¬†

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