Partnership between The Urban Future, Civity and Sodaq

The Urban Future, Civity and Sodaq have entered into a partnership to visualize Environment and Air quality data on the cycle network. The sensors from Sodaq, the data platform from Civity and CyclePRINT from The Urban Future provide additional information about your cycling network.

By combining the data of Sniffer Bike (Snuffelfiets) with data from measuring boxes at fixed points, an image of air quality, heat stress, the condition of the road surface and the use of bicycle routes is created. The RIVM takes care of the cleaning and validation of the data; CyclePRINT visualizes them.

“The expertise of CyclePRINT could make it possible to gain insight into which measures we should take or how we can adjust policy,” says Claar Schouwenaar, project leader digital innovations and pilots at the province of Utrecht. “How exactly, we are still investigating. We mainly want to initiate a movement: that more governments join in and the technology is further tested. It would be nice if bicycle data is now collected via multiple platforms. This way data and policy come closer together and they can reinforce each other! ”

See more with CyclePRINT

CyclePRINT provides visualisations and analysis on cycling in your city. Understanding cycling, cycling behaviour and your cycling network performance, helps you understand how to use the power of cycling as a transport mode to unlock your city.

CyclePRINT is an easy to use online cycle network performance toolkit which translates your GPS data into policy relevant insights and enable its’ users to analyse current behaviour, investigate future network enhancements and monitor bicycle network performance in a more detailed way. The results are insights in the actual cycling behaviour in your city or region.

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