Monthly licenses CyclePRINT available for small municipalities

In these extreme days of the Corona virus, we see that working from is stimulated and the number of meetings is greatly reduced. We hear that this creates an opportunity to work on policy documents. The Urban Future contributes to this by introducing monthly licenses for CyclePRINT. We realise that you, as a smaller municipality, do not continuously need access to CyclePRINT, the bicycle data and analyzes. That is why we now introduce the monthly license: Activated at any time and without automatic renewal after one month expiring! This way, at home, just like your colleagues, you can find the foundation for your bicycle policy when you need it!

You can now use the application per month for only €300.00 excluding VAT. Activation can be done at any time. One month later the subscription automatically expires, so is NOT tacitly renewed; you no longer have ongoing costs. Within this subscription, you can log in with multiple colleagues as often as you like.

In CyclePRINT, measurement data of bicycle traffic is analyzed and visualized; Here you will find speeds on roads, chosen routes, preferred routes, bottlenecks in your bicycle network etc.

If you have data for your municipality yourself (VRI data, loop data, counts etc.) we can upload it in CyclePRINT for a small fee, after which you can start working with this data. Because we work with many parties such as RingRing, GoVelo, B-riders, Positive drive), via Apps and Devices Ping, Bike trackers), Counting points (loops and tube counters), data is most likely available from your municipality.

Curious what the application can do even more for you? Then look for a short demonstration on our website

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