CycleSPEX provides Virtual Reality experience, visualisation and analysis on cycling in your city. Understanding the conditions in your cycling infrastructure that improve cycling safety, city accessibility, cycling comfort helps you understand how to use the power of cycling as a transport mode to unlock your city.

Growing Urbanization

Urbanisation is a growing global trend, challenging cities increasingly to think about accessibility, livability, sustainability and safety. Other trends are:

  • The upcoming e-bike and speed-pedelecs, increasing speed, comfort and range
  • The growing importance of health for humans.
  • The pressure on safety in traffic
  • Fysical, financial and time constraints to test measures in parallel

In order to deal with these challenges and use the trends at the same time, cities need to understand what measures and design changes in the infrastructure will be most effective and best appreciated supporting the growth of cycling in a city. Already a few percent of car drivers converted to cycling may solve traffic jams and improve accessibility to your city. Futhermore cycling is healthy and cycling isfun! CycleSPEX offers visual insights, virtual experiences, boosting your city!

Virtual Reality

CycleSPEX is a total solution to virtualise the urban area, cycle path or junction where you have found a problem and want to evaluate the possible infrastructural change options. This could be based on accidents, a change in cycle-flows or re-development or landuse programs. The Urban Future will collect the data of the area in question and build a virtual model including the considered design options. The deliverables vary from web-based access to the VR model and design alternatives to a full system including a simulation bike, VR glasses and computer system to be used by our customers for evaluation, testing, education or demonstration purposes.

The VR visualisation and analysis may include, upon customer specification:

  • Webbased access to the model
  • Model availability on smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Cycle simulator setup for VR experience

Improve Cycling Experience

With CycleSPEX you will find the right answers to:

  • Mitigate dangerzones/situations in your network
  • Optimize your cycle network
  • Construct new cycling infrastructure
  • Evaluate proposed cycling infrastructure investments
  • Involve your citizens in an unprecedented way in the decision proces

Award Winning Technology

CycleSPEX is the leading VR solution to explore cycling networks. CycleSPEX is a proud winner of the European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017. The Experience has already proven its enormous value in several projects, like the ‘slimme, gezonde stad, Schiedam’, ‘CHIPS’project, Tilburg and the ‘DePICT’project in Brazil. It is the visualisation and analysis tool, used by many cities, regions and programs. It is well embraced by cycling, traffic & transport consultants.

CycleSPEX Projects