CycleSPEX provides Virtual Reality experience, visualisation and analysis on cycling in your city. Understanding the conditions in your cycling infrastructure that improve cycling safety, city accessibility, cycling comfort helps you understand how to use the power of cycling as a transport mode to unlock your city.

Virtual Experience

CycleSPEX is a total solution to virtualise the urban area, cycle path or junction where you have found a problem and want to evaluate the possible infrastructural change options. This could be based on accidents, a change in cycle-flows or re-development or landuse programs. The Urban Future will collect the data of the area in question and build a virtual model including the considered design options. The deliverables vary from web-based access to the VR model and design alternatives to a full system including a simulation bike, VR glasses and computer system to be used by our customers for evaluation, testing, education or demonstration purposes.

CycleSPEX Projects