WalkSPEX provides a Virtual Reality experience and analysis for walking in your city and/or building. It helps you understand the performance of your design and so improve safety, accessibility , comfort and the user experience. WalkSPEX enables you to test and improve your design from the perspective of the pedestrian.

Virtual walking experience

WalkSPEX is a total solution to virtualise a city or building design. Having a virtual model in which you can freely walk around enables you to:

  • Promote and effectively communicate the design to all stakeholders
  • Evaluate different design options before construction starts
  • Experience the look & feel by really stepping into the designed environment
  • Test natural light, landscaping and artificial light plans
  • Analyse sightlines, signing and wayfinding solutions
  • Assess walking behaviour to optimize accessibility
  • Model walking behaviour


Next to the high quality virtual reality visualizations, our models enable you to analyse human walking behaviour and their emotional experience based on the following analytics:

  • Walking routes and speed
  • Viewing behaviour with eye-tracking analytics
  • Measure emotions with facial expression analysis software, emotion-tracking wearables and eye-tracking technology
  • In model questionnaires and other gamification techniques.

Your virtual reality solution

We will create the solution that fits your need. Based on the available (GML, BIM or other types of) drawings we will useĀ  procedural modelling techniques to quickly create a high quality virtual reality environment. By adding light, sound and allowing you to freely move through the environment a true immersive experience is created. The model can act as a platform to be connected to other models and systems. For instance traffic & pedestrian models, light plans or wayfinding systems.

We deliver

The deliverables vary from web-based access to the VR model to a full Virtual Experience System including a walking simulator, VR glasses and computer system to be usedĀ  for promotion, evaluation, testing, education or demonstration purposes. Our solutions can include:

  • Virtual Reality model development
  • Gamified elements within VR environment
  • Analytics wizard to analyse user experience
  • Integration with Smart City/Building IT platform (IOT)
  • Deployment to smartphone, tablet and computer (can be web-based)
  • Walking simulator setup for VR experience
  • Purchase or rent of hardware