Heijmans Infra

Heijmans is a listed company that combines activities related to property development, residential building, non-residential building, roads and civil engineering in the areas living, working and connecting. Our constant focus on quality improvements, innovation and integrated solutions enables us to generate added value for our clients. Heijmans realises projects for private consumers, companies and the public sector and, in partnership with its clients, is building the spatial contours of tomorrow.

Virtual Cycling Experience

For Heijmans we delivered a virtual cycling experience of 5 recently constructed projects in the Netherlands. For each of these projects a 360 video was recorded. Within the Virtual Experience visitors could cycle through the virtual environment and discover the projects. This Virtual Experience was showcases at one of the largest infrastructure exhibitions of the Netherlands.

The Virtual Cycling Experience created a lot of extra exposure at the exhibition. It really contributed to be top of mind with our clients.

Yvonne Verver, Account manager.

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