group of bicycle riders on a city street at night

Brabantstad region

Delays for cyclists

One of the major annoyances  for cyclists is waiting  for a red traffic light. An effective measure would be to decrease  delays at traffic lights. By using GPS data  several ways  are available to calculate  present delays. Junction delay (displayed on a map) is one of the analysis  features of CyclePrint. In practice, cyclists who have to turn left or right (crossing car traffic) encounter more delays than the ones keeping straight on. If most cyclists have to turn left or right, policy should be to decrease the delays on that specific route.

How we did the ‘trick’

To detail out the insights into delay at junctions  an overview of crossing streams and delays at junctions has been developed. By using this information, policy can already be adjusted to reduce delays. With the CyclePrint investigation feature the effects of the possible adjustments can be evaluated regarding the number of extra cyclists. This would be an interesting option if multiple junctions are eligible to be adjusted but only  a limited budget is available.

The solution for the cities

With this new feature the province of North-Brabant together with its five major cities were considering where junction optimisation would be most suitable. The measures will be taken in 2016 and the effects will be monitored by using CyclePrint over the next few years. This gives policy-makers the opportunity to review improvements if necessary, due to changes in network usage and performance.

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