Dutch Bicycle Count Week

In 2015 and 2016 a consortium of compagnies organized the National Bicycle Count Week in the Netherlands. The objective of the Bicycle Count Week  was to gain more insight in the cycle behaviour and the cycle network performance. The GPS-data is presented and provided to the national, regional and local road authorities using CyclePrint.

Cycle Network Intelligence

The Netherlands is known for its high amount of cycling in the daily urban system. Like every city around the world Dutch cities face challenges such as accessibility, safety and  environment. To cope with these challenges the Dutch want to encourage cycling and in order to do this, they wanted to know more about cyclists’ actual behaviour like route choice, speeds and delays.

How we did the ‘trick’

Organised by a lot of bicycle-loving parties, the is the largest bicycle survey that has ever been conducted in the Netherlands. In this project people were asked to install a dedicated app on their smartphone. To this purpose, a powerful campaign was launched in which regional and local governments successfully participated and cooperated to achieve a high response rate, and engage and reach a wider audience. The result was an overwhelming number of 55,000 people who downloaded the app whose GPS data was collected and translated into information presented in CyclePrint. All associated public authorities received a login for CyclePrint enabling them to analyse the current cycling behaviour in their region.

The solution

By using the FietsTelWeek Dutch public authorities learned a lot about the cyclists’ actual behaviour. As a result of an analysis of cyclists’ current behaviour, interesting insights were obtained and new questions were raised about possible extensions of the existing CyclePrint features. Clients now have the possibility to download open (privacy secure) data from CyclePrint to use for  their own region or city.

This video explains more about the Dutch Bicycle Count Week “Fiets Tel Week”:

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