Region of Noord Brabant

The challenge for the region

The Province of North-Brabant in the Netherlands has the ambition to become the smartest national cycling province in 2020. To achieve this objective, financial resources have been reserved to construct new cycle highways to stimulate bicycle commuting. The main question was how to spend these resources most effectively in terms of potential cyclists.

How we did the ‘trick’

Based on the analysis of actual cycling behaviour and network performance (GPS data) combined with local social economics data (inhabitants and jobs) and network enhancement measures (new infrastructure or improving the current network),  CyclePrint quick scan investigation features were used to calculate the effects of all 30 cycle highway alternatives in the province. The outcome is shown in a table with potential cyclists and decrease in cycle loss hours per alternative as a result.

The solution for the province

Based on the retrieved information the province made a matrix weighing the pros and cons of costs and benefits (potential cyclists) of each route distinguishing a range between more and less promising alternatives. The province decided to give priority in co-funding to the top five highly promising alternatives and take them one step further in the process of conducting a feasibility study.

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