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Autonomy Paris 2018

Autonomy Urban Mobility Summit is an event, gathering businesses, innovators, cities, and urbanites to accelerate the transition from conventional transportation to smart, sustainable urban mobility. Autonomy offers the mobility sector an independent networking platform, and an opportunity to discover the latest innovations transforming our industry.

Since 2015, Autonomy has organized the most important urban mobility summit in Europe: Autonomy and the Urban Mobility Summit. The third edition takes place between the 18th and 20th of October 2018. Exhibitors will showcase their latest industry innovations to business leaders, cities, governments and the general public

Experience Cycling in Virtual Reality

In collaboration with the Dutch Cycling Embassy we will showcase our Virtual Reality Cycling Experience (CycleSPEX). CycleSPEX is a leading innovation that will support you in the design and communication of smart cycling and mobility solutions.

Smart insights in Urban Cycling

Improving cycling in your city is important because:

  • Cycling is beneficial for the economy
  • Cycling is good for our planet and our cities
  • Cycling leads to a healthier life
  • Cycling increases happiness
  • Cycling cities are pleasant cities
  • Cycling leads to safer cities
  • Cycling encourages social participation

Read more in this Dutch Cycling Vision.Our online analysis tool CyclePRINT will give you the right insights to improve cycling in your city. See you there!

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